Call for Proposals Special Round SUBCIP

Format Call for Proposals Special Round SUBCIP
Institution: Inter- American Development Bank
Country: Suriname
Reference numbers: SUBCIP (Suriname Business Climate and Innovation Program)
Deadline: Deadline: July 24th, 2020
Sector: Business and Private Sector Development, Economic Diversification and Growth

The Suriname Business Climate and Innovation Program (SUBCIP), which is a 4-year economic competitiveness enhancement project of the Government of Suriname, financed by the IDB. The objective of this program is to increase the value-added of the private sector in the economy.

The specific objectives are: (i) to promote a productive policy for sustainable growth and diversification; (ii) to improve the business climate, legal, and institutional framework; (iii) to maintain and strengthen public-private sector dialogue; and (iv) to improve Competitiveness Unit of Suriname (CUS) capacity to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) productivity and innovation. The SUBCIP-I is structured as a programmatic policy-based loan and a Reimbursable Technical Cooperation (RTC). The RTC instrument is designed to support the implementation of reforms, the modernization of institutions, and strengthen SME’s capacity for innovation and linkages with value chains.

The Call for Proposals
Specifically, through the Program’s existing pilot Fund for Innovation in Suriname (IFS) mechanism, which seeks to promote innovation and competitiveness in firms in Suriname, a special round of the IFS would be held to support the private sector response to the crisis. This special round will seek to finance proposals along the following action lines.
i. Activities to strengthen firms’ capacity to promote local production in all sectors, to provide employment, food security and increased exports in response to COVID-19 (maximum amount of SRD equivalent of US$25,000, to be paid by the Central Bank of Suriname exchange rate);

ii. Support to promote digitalization of firms, through the acquisition of hardware, software, or online training tools promote firms’ presence online, the use of teleworking and the digitalization of production processes (maximum amount of SRD equivalent of US$15,000 to be paid by the Central Bank of Suriname exchange rate)
Grants will be allocated first to firms with proposals eligible for action line (i), then to firms with proposals eligible for action line (ii).

Determination of eligibility.
General eligibility for consideration will only be granted to firms that provide evidence of:
1.being registered at the Chamber of Commerce;
2.being in good standing with the tax authorities;
3.having a track record of performance.

Specific eligibility for the action lines of this call will be determined by the IFS Advisory Committee, as a function of the coherency of the project proposed, as well as the alignment between the project proposed and the objective for funding of the indicated action line. All applications must indicate under which action line they are seeking consideration, and provide an explanation of their proposal, and the expected benefits of the proposal. Firms will not be considered for more than one grant.

The following aspects of the proposed projects will also be considered in the evaluation of the application for a grant:

1. Potential increase in Foreign revenue;
2. Neutral or positive impact on the environment and social responsibility (clean production, organic production, etc.);
3. The incorporation or participation of women, youth and vulnerable groups;
4. Increase in employment;
5. Increase of local content and encouraging the use of local goods and services.

If you have a proposal, we encourage you to apply for the Special IFS Grant. For more details, contact: Amit Chandansingh task manager of the pilot Fund for Innovation in Suriname (IFS), +597 8970190.
Only During Business hours from 0.800 am – 4.00 pm Monday-Friday. Competitiveness Unit Suriname in the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism.

Please download the application form Special-Round-SUBCIP
Applications must be submitted to and Cc
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: July 24th, 2020 24 hours.


application form Special-Round-SUBCIP

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